CES 2012: Gametel mobile gamepad comes to iOS

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Gametel iPhoneThe Gametel controller has been available in Europe for Android for some time now, and soon the controller will work for iOS as well. The controller will also be coming to the US sometime this year.

The Gametel controller looks very similar to the control setup on the Xperia Play, but without the touchpad sticks and the PlayStation button symbols. It’s a Bluetooth controller, which mean you’ll need to make sure you charge it, but it also means that it will work with any iOS or Android device easily. It doesn’t connect to smartphones as much as it attaches to them via a clip at the top of the device. Because it’s Bluetooth, though, it means you can use it on Android tablets and the iPad. You can even connect your Gametel conntected-device to your TV and play your games that way.

I had a few minutes to handle the device, and it seemed fairly light, and not too plasticky. It worked well as a controller, but there aren’t too many games that support it just yet (most of the iCade supported games support the Gametel). Hopefully by the time it comes to the States the library of supported games will be a bit larger.

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