CES 2012: Samsung Galaxy Note hands on

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Samsung Galaxy NoteOn press day Samsung announced that it would be coming to AT&T with LTE built in, which means it is pushing the device hard at CES 2012. I managed to get my hand around the device (mostly) while on the show floor.

As you probably know, the Galaxy Note is a huge device with a 5.3-inch screen. I’ve handled big devices before, but none of them had really prepared me for this monster of a “phablet” (phone/tablet). It’s the first device in recent memory where I can’t really hold it and use it well with just one hand. Even holding it entirely with my fingers, my thumb couldn’t come close to covering most of the screen. You will need two hands to hold the Galaxy Note, though it’s up to you to decide if that’s a bad thing.

Aside from the size of the device I actually really enjoyed using it. It ran smoothly in everything I was able to test. The note taking app when used with the stylus was great as well. I could see that app and accessory together selling this phone. The extra size also meant that I was able to see more of just about everything, which can be great for reading eBooks as well as the web.

Overall, the Galaxy Note looks like a great device from the few minutes I had with it I just wish it’d be able to fit in my pocket and my hand.

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