CES 2012: Eyes-on with the Sony VAIO glasses-free 3D all-in-one PC

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Yes, I know that headline is a mouthful, but it’s the only way to properly describe one of Sony’s newest prototype PCs. Sony is trying its hand at glasses-free 3D displays. At CES 2012, Sony had a few glasses-free 3D TVs on display and one all-in-one VAIO PC. 

I sat down in front of the PC and observed a trailer for Underworld: Awakening. I was told the PC’s camera would lock on to me and provide me with an optimal glasses-free 3D viewing experience based on my positioning. After waiting a few seconds, the 3D effect gradually got better. The double images I was seeing soon became one image.

The 3D effect was not as prominent as some of the displays I’ve seen that require glasses, but I could definitely tell a difference.

Unfortunately, I started to get a slight pain right between my eyes while watching the 3D trailer. I know it wasn’t psychosomatic because I never thought about eye strain before I sat down.

Like I said, the VAIO all-in-one glasses-free 3D PC is a prototype, so maybe Sony will work everything out before it hits stores.

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