CES 2012: Agloves let you use your smartphone with gloves on

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AglovesNot everything shown at CES is the latest and greatest smartphone, ultrabook, or even set of headphones. Sometimes there’s some cool gadgets or accessories that are worth talking about. Today’s example are Agloves, a pair of gloves that let you control your touchscreen device.

If you live in a colder climate where you might occasionally get some snow, you’ve probably seen conductive gloves that work with touch screens before. Most of them work with just a finger or two, however, Agloves work not just with your finger, but with the whole hand. If you want to you could control your iPhone with your knuckles using Agloves. This is because Agloves have silver thread stitched into the entire glove.

I was able to test Agloves for a few minutes at the ShowStoppers event, and they definitely worked with my iPhone 4. Provided it gets cold enough in New York this year, I’ll might try to put together a full review sometime soon. For now, Agloves are comfortable, and not too bulky, and they actually work. Do you really need to know much more? Of, yeah, they sell for $23.99 should you want to pick up a pair for yourself.

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