CES 2012: Sharper Image makes a more affordable portable Bluetooth speaker

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Sharper Image ConnectPortable Bluetooth speakers have proven to be quite popular ever since the Jawbone Jambox showed how well such a product can be done. But the Jambox is expensive, which is where the Sharper Image comes in with its version, the Connect.

The Connect Bluetooth Portable Speaker is the Jambox for those who can’t or just don’t want to spend $200 on a portable Bluetooth speakers. The Connect will cost you $50 as opposed to the Jambox’s $200. It doesn’t have all the design that the Jambox does, but it does have a few more buttons, which some people might want. It also has an integrated AC adapter so you can just plug the Connect into a wall socket to listen to music or talk on the speaker phone without having to worry about the battery life.

The Connect looks like a great little device, and for the price you can’t really go wrong. Unless, of course, you save the money for a Jambox.

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