CES 2012: ClarityOne debuts new distortion-free earbuds

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ClarityOne held a press conference at CES 2012 on Tuesday to announce its latest earbuds and headphones. This time ClarityOne is improving on its original product (which I enjoyed) by eliminating audio distortion. ClarityOne says it spent the last 12 years creating what it calls the PureSound Processor. This processor combats distortion by using a second coil to repel an electromagnetic field that is created when a single coil is present. 

The new ClarityOne earbuds will come in five colors – Chrome, Gunmetal Gray, Cobalt Blue, Electric Orange and Hot Pink. The price of the earbuds will also vary depending on the features they may or may not have. For example, a pair of ClarityOne earbuds without any additional features such as player controls, volume controls and answer/end call controls costs $109.99. The other two models sell for $129.99 and $149.99.

ClarityOne also has over-the-ear headphones with the same PureSound Processor built in. They also come in a variety of colors and include a few accessories. The two models will cost $279 (without volume controls) and $299 (with volume controls).

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