CES 2012: Razer unveils Project Fiona gaming tablet concept

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Razer Project FionaLast year Razer showed off its Switchblade concept for a gaming laptop which turned into the Blade, and this year the gaming company showed off its vision for a tablet PC. That vision is called Project Fiona, and it is a Windows tablet that has the power to play full, real games.

Razer isn’t talking much about what’s inside Project Fiona, only saying that it is currently running on an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU. Otherwise, it’s just videos and one prototype that’s currently under glass. That prototype has more than just a single touchscreen, it has two joysticks with programmable buttons, one set on either side of the screen. Currently those sticks are attached, but that could change in the final version, if/when there is a final version.

The idea that nothing is final is a bit of a theme with Project Fiona. We can know the CPU because the company worked closely with Intel, but everything else could be different later. Project Fiona may end up turning into a real product you can buy, but that probably won’t happen until the tail-end of 2012 at the earliest. Personally I’m hoping that if it does end up becoming a true product Razer builds a keyboard dock to go along with it like the Eee Pad Transformer Prime has its keyboard dock. That way it could be great for gaming, or just about anything else you might need a Windows laptop for.

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