CES 2012: Microsoft booth tour, the final booth tour

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As one has come to expect, Microsoft had a massive booth here at CES. Of course, while we have expected that based on previous years, that will be changing as of CES 2013. And by that we are referring to how Microsoft will no longer have a booth here. Anyway, that may still sound somewhat surprising however given the booth that they had on display here this year – we are not all that certain they really need one. Sure, Microsoft has been here at CES for a very long time, however everything that they were showing off has been out and available. Just take a look at the images in the gallery below, Microsoft was demonstrating everything from Office to SkyDrive to the Xbox 360 as well as showing off plenty and plenty of PC’s and Windows Phone 7 smartphones. And while the booth may have been stale in terms of new products and/or services, we do have to say that it will be slightly strange to walk into CES in January 2013 and not see Microsoft. With that, enjoy the final Microsoft booth tour…

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