CES 2012: Griffin Twenty uses an Airport Express to turn any speaker into an AirPlay speaker

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Griffin TwentyApple’s AirPlay technology is great, but it’s not necessarily the easiest tech to take advantage of. With the exception of the tv AirPlay devices, particularly speakers are relatively expensive. Griffin wants to help with that by turning any speaker you already have into an AirPlay speaker.

Twenty is a small device that you plug your Airport Express into, then connect it to a pair of speakers that you may already have. If you set up two speakers and a powered subwoofer the Twenty will be able to give you 2.1 channel sound. With that you won’t have to go through the trouble of trying to find a brand new pair of speakers that you might not like.

The Twenty will simply act as the amplifier for your music, so the sound will still depend mostly on your speakers. It’s such a great idea, it’s surprising that nobody had thought of it before now. Griffin doesn’t have a firm release date or price for the Twenty just yet. You can be sure that it will be out sometime this year and that it will cost less than a pair of AirPlay speakers.

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