CES 2012: Come see Corning’s amazing 84-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen

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I went to Corning’s booth at CES 2012 because I was hoping they’d let me whack a tablet’s screen with a hammer. Unfortunately, Corning wasn’t doing that demonstration when I arrived. What I saw instead was even better. Corning had a 84-inch multi-touch screen on display. It was protected by Gorilla Glass, but that wasn’t the focus of the presentation. Corning has what is probably the coolest touchscreen I’ve ever seen in person.

We’re always talking about the tech that will bring us closer to a world similar to Minority Report. Right now, Corning’s massive touchscreen was the closest thing I saw at CES that brings us to the brink of that reality.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out this video I shot of the screen in action. It’ll blow your mind.

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