CES 2012: Hands on with the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox

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Samsung was showing off the Series 3 Chromebox here at CES and given it was sitting just to the side of the shiny new Series 5 Chromebook, we figured we would take some time and check it out. The Chromebox is nice enough to look at and as you can see from the images, it ships with a rather nice looking wireless keyboard and mouse. Similar to the Chromebook, the Chromebox is running Chrome OS. Except, unlike our enthusiasm for the Chromebook we are not really feeling the same for the Chromebox. Somehow, running Chrome OS feels right on a notebook, but not so right on a small mini desktop computer. Oh well, that is just our opinion and we have to imagine that there is a market for this somewhere. With that, hit the gallery below to check out the left, right, front, back and top sides of the computer along with a few shots of the peripherals.

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