CES 2012: House of Marley Bag of Rhythm is finally set to launch soon

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House of Marley Bag of RhythmWhen House of Marley showed up at CES last year they were showing off giant portable speakers that came in their own carrying bags. Now the Bag of Rhythm speakers are finally set to launch in the near future.

The Bag of Rhythm is probably more accurately described as a modern boom box that you can wear like a messenger bag. It has a place for your iPhone or iPod to make it easy to listen to your music, or you can connect via the auxiliary port. It’s a fairly powerful system with two 4.5-inch high-definition woofers and two 1-inch tweeters pumping out the sound. You can control the music through touch options on the device itself, or you can do everything but change the volume from your iPhone or iPod.

The only downside to the Bag of Rhythm is that is needs old-school D batteries (6 of them to be exact), though there is also an optional rechargeable battery pack. When you’re at home you can just plug it right into the wall so as not to use your precious battery life (it should also charge your iPhone or iPod when it’s plugged into a wall).

The Bag of Rhythm will be coming out within the next few months with a price point of $349.99. It’s a bit steep, but this is a powerful device that seems to be fairly unique in it’s concept.

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