CES 2012: House of Marley introduces Little Bird headphones which are great for kids

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House of Marley Little Bird headphonesHouse of Marley has a new set of headphones that could be perfect for kids, the Little Bird headphones.

The Little Birds are lightweight on-ear headphones that are small in almost every sense. The earpieces will feel tiny on almost any adult’s ears, though they could be great for children. The headband is thin, though that doesn’t mean it’s weak. The construction of the Little Birds is all made of steel, so they’re not likely to break any time soon.

The best thing about the Little Bird headphones is that even though I’d say the size makes them great for kids, they still have great sound for the sound and price. The only downside, if you end up buying them for a kid, is that the headphones cost $59.99. But, if you have small ears or don’t mind having small headphones, these are great headphones for you.

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