CES 2012: House of Marley shows off two new earbuds for 2012

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House of Marley Riff headphonesHouse of Marley, has a few new earbuds for 2012 to fill out the lower end of its line for those who want less expensive buds, and for those who want earbuds specific for sports.

On the low end are the Riff earbuds which come in at $19.99. They’ll come in a variety of colors with the buds made of recycled plastic, and the tips made of eco-friendly material as well, called eco-foam. The photos show colored plastic, but it’s probable that they will ship with the same braided cords that are on the current line of earbuds.

House of Marley Lively Up headphonesA small step above the Riff are the Lively Up earbuds that are made for athletes, and they’ll cost $29.99. They also use eco-foam tips but they’re molded to fit in your ear as you’re running or working out where you have the possibility of the earbuds falling out. The design means there’s a chance for a wider variety of colors, which is cool. Like the Riffs, the Lively Ups aren’t going to be for audiophiles by any means, but they’re good looking, presumably decent sounding earbuds that are relatively inexpensive.

Both of these earbuds are currently under development, and should be out sometime this year.

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