CES 2012: Hands on with the Hyperkin SupaBoy, a portable Super Nintendo

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Hyperkin SupaBoyThe CES show floor is filled with huge companies touting new laptops, TVs, headphones, washing machines, and the like, but there’s also smaller booths that hold really interesting, quirky devices. Booths like the Hyperkin booth that holds the SupaBoy.

The SupaBoy is a portable Super Nintendo system that works with a vast majority of Super Ninendo games, so it’s a Nomad for the Super Nintendo. it’s a relatively large device, but it has to be in order to accompany karts from the Super Nintendo (US and PAL version) and the Super Famicon. The controls seem to be lifted right from an SNES controller, with a screen in the middle that’s similar to the one in the first PSP.

I played Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the SupaBoy, and it worked well. The only downside is that it reminded me that I’m terrible at Street Fighter with a D-pad. The SupaBoy is said to get about 6 hours of battery, so you can spend almost a whole cross-country trip playing Crono Trigger, Super Mario World, or even Super Star Fox which inexplicably runs on the system.

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