CES 2012: Hands on with the Lenovo X1 Hybrid

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Lenovo X1 HybridBefore CES Lenovo sent out press releases covering most of the devices it would be showing off at the show. The most exciting of these was the X1 Hybrid, an ultrabook which houses both an Intel Core CPU and a Qualcomm CPU to run both Windows 7 and Android.

The X1 Hybrid looks and feels just like the first X1, the design really hasn’t changed much. The only thing that changed was the inclusion of the smartphone components. I tried out the version of Android that was put onto the ultrabook, and it seemed to work well enough. It was pretty buggy, but it still has time until it’s released, so that’s fine. It won’t do everything Windows will be able to, but you’ll be able to browser the web and access all of your documents. I can’t see spending too much time in the Android OS on the ultrabook, but it’s a nice feature to have.

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