CES 2012: Check out Coby’s 7-inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet [video]

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Coby surprisingly had nine Ice Cream Sandwich-powered tablets at CES 2012. As we mentioned in a previous post, all these tablets will have different prices depending on a variety of factors. We didn’t get video footage of all the tablets, be we did manage to get some hands-on time with Coby’s 7-inch widescreen Android 4.0 tablet.

Coby does have a pricing advantage when it comes to these Android 4.0 tablets. The most expensive of the bunch will be just under $300. The most basic 7-inch model will be much cheaper. Since we probably won’t see these tablets in the immediate future, I’m going to assume the software is not final. You can be the judge on whether you think Coby has a winner on its hands by checking out our video below.

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