First impressions of the Kingston 16GB Wi-Drive

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During my time at CES 2012, Kingston was kind enough to give me one of their 16GB Wi-Drive devices. The Wi-Drive is wireless storage for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It connects to a computer via USB and functions just like an external hard drive. Once you load up the Wi-Drive with music, videos and documents, you can view them on up to three iOS devices wirelessly at the same time. The Wi-Drive is a good solution to extending the storage space of your iOS device without sacrificing built-in storage.

Setting up the Wi-Drive was very simple. All I had to do was plug the Wi-Drive into my computer, and drag and drop files onto the Wi-Drive. I then downloaded the free Wi-Drive app on my iPod Touch. This app communicated with the Wi-Drive and enabled me to view everything I stored on it. My iPod didn’t have any issues finding the Wi-Drive. The Wi-Drive also separated files into specific folders so I didn’t have to dig through a bunch of pictures in order to find a single video.

One catch to using the Wi-Drive involves potentially giving up the connection to your home wireless network. The Wi-Drive acts as its own access point, so you can’t surf the internet while connected to it. There is a way to bridge the connections so you can use the Wi-Drive and the internet at the same time, but it may involve tweaking your router’s security settings. This may not be complicated to some users, but it’s still something to be aware of.

I’m currently watching a movie on my iPod Touch as it’s being streamed from the Wi-Drive. The quality of the video is excellent and the audio is synced perfectly. I also haven’t noticed any stuttering or artifacting.

The 16GB Kingston Wi-Drive is available now for $49.99 through Amazon. There’s also a 32GB version for $89.98. Kingston is working on making the Wi-Drive compatible with Android devices as well. There’s even the possibility of a Wi-Drive with a SD card slot that will boost storage even more.

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