Canadian carriers quickly slash three year Galaxy Nexus price to $99.99

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Looking to differentiate itself from the competition, Telus took the initiative to drop the subsidized, three year contract price on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus all the way down to $99.99.  At the time of the promotional price, the other carriers sold the Galaxy Nexus at $159.99 on the same contract.  As you can imagine, Telus probably gained a large amount of subscribers looking to take advantage of the lower upfront price.

However, like in any good free market, the other carriers — Rogers, Fido, and SaskTel — each dropped its Galaxy Nexus price to $99.99.  The only remaining carriers still selling the hot Android 4.0 smartphone at $159.99 include Bell and Virgin.

The moral of this story is having an attractive smartphone available on multiple carriers leads to intense price competition, in which the consumer usually wins.  If you’re looking to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Canada, then you should head over to your local Telus, Rogers, Fido, or SaskTel store.

Via [MobileSyrup]

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