Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess performs at the iConnectivity booth at CES 2012

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Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess at CES 2012CES always sees an abundance of celebrities appearing at the show. Most of the celebrities at the show were highly touted and drew huge crowds at their respective booths. Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater didn’t draw the crowds that Justin Beiber, Snooki, or 50 Cent, but unlike those others he was actually demoing products.

Jordan Rudess was performing at the iConnectivity booth at CES, showing off some of his iPad apps, MoprhWiz and Geo Synthesizer. The two iPads were connected to the iConnectMIDI along with a few keyboards. The first video below shows Rudess playing on his iPad apps, while the second has him playing an original song on the tiny keyboard which he wrote specifically for CES 2012.

Since I’m not a musician I can’t really speak too much to the benefits of the iConnectMIDI, but it is pretty cool that it allowed Rudess to connect two iPads to his setup. With all the cool iOS apps that help create music, I can see that it should be a pretty great device for musicians.

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