Asus Transformer Prime TF700T will not be available (in the UK) until June at the earliest

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Asus announced an updated Transformer Prime during CES. The model is the TF700T and it will bring an overall feature set that is close to that of the currently available Transformer Prime. The new model TF700T will have a few perks though, one of which is a nicer 1080p HD display. Anyway, given that we suspect some may have decided to wait for that release as opposed to buying the current model we should pass this news on. Bottom line here, if you have decided to wait it looks like that wait is going to be rather long. New details have come available from Asus and they have stated that the Transformer Prime TF700T will not be available in the UK until “June at the earliest.” Furthermore, nothing has been stated about the price and so far. Asus has also remained quiet in terms of a US release.

In relation to the recently-announced TF700 model, this product is unlikely to be available in the UK before June at the earliest and no pricing details have been announced.

Via [Official Asus Blog]

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