Facebook intro’s new apps for Timeline

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It looks like the folks at Facebook have rolled-out support for a few more Timeline capable apps. The newly supported apps include Foodily, Foodspotting, Gogobot, Kobo, Pinterest, Pose, Rotten Tomatoes, Ticketmaster, TripAdvisor “and others.” In short, this will probably either be something that Facebook users will love or hate. On one hand, it will allow for more sharing but on the other, it could also have your timeline scrolling a bit faster and more often. And for those who have not yet seen the app they have been waiting for, rest assured in knowing that Facebook has mentioned that;

“Soon, there will be apps for all types of interests, as more apps will launch over time. Whether you love snowboarding, gardening, hiking, or knitting, or something else, there will be an app for you.”

That being said, those who like this news and want to begin adding more to their timeline can follow this link to begin. And lastly, those who want (or feel they need to) edit their settings, you can head to your personal Activity Log to make some adjustments.

Via [Facebook Blog]

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