Apple makes it easy to create ebooks with iBooks Author

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Apple iBooks AuthorApple was focused on education during today’s event in New York City, but it’s one Mac App announcement isn’t just for educators. Apple has created and app that makes it easy to create ebooks with the new iBooks Author.

Apple’s iBooks Author is a WYSIWYG editor for ebooks, the first ebook authoring tool that actually seems easy to use. The app has a layout very similar to Pages and Keynote, and could easily be seen as an extension of the iWorks suite of apps. To create a book you just need to copy/past text and drag-and-drop images. If you don’t want to copy and paste your text, you can just import it from a Pages or Word document, which makes the process much easier. There’s even an option to add in widgets like an interactive model, movie, gallery, or Keynote presentation.

At any point in your book creation you can export your books to your iPad to review. Then, when you’re happy with the final product you can hit “Publish” to put your book into the iBookstore without having to worry about all the formatting issues that authors have had to deal with before. If the iBookstore isn’t your thing, you can just export your book as a PDF. Unfortunately there’s no way to export your book as an ePub file to publish on other platforms.

IBooks Author is available in the Mac App Store today, for free. Expect to see a plethora of independent books in the iBookstore as a result. Apple finally made it much easier to be an independent writer. Let’s just hope that there’s enough readers who care about independent writers.

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  • Doctor Stock

    Someone was telling me that if you create an ebook using this program than they somehow own it? That makes no sense to me…. how about you?

  • Shawn Ingram

    The first version of the EULA for iBooks Author did have some language that hinted at that. The latest version of the app fixed it, though. Now it clarifies that you can sell the books created with it anywhere you want.