Google makes it clear, they will continue to invest in and push Google Wallet

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Google had their earnings call yesterday afternoon and while they offered the usual stats, figures and numbers, they also took some time to address other items such as Google Wallet. In short, it looks like Google remains committed to Wallet and is going to keep pushing it. Anyway, during the Q&A portion of the earnings call, Susan Wojcicki who a Google senior vice president had this to say;

“We want to focus on products that people use every day — products at our core. And all of us use our wallet every day. And we think it’s a big opportunity for us. We are continuing to invest in our wallet business. And we see a lot of opportunity. For example, there might be opportunities in the future how online and offline are linked together. And better opportunities with the way different parts of our business wind up working.

“So we are very excited about Wallet, and we will continue to invest in it.”

Of course, by that we are hoping that means we will eventually begin to see Wallet supported on more devices.

Via [AndroidCentral]

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