Google offers up some Android numbers including how they are activating 700k phones every day

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This latest Google earnings call offered up some interesting (and rather shocking numbers). For example, Google made mention how they had their first $10 billion revenue quarter. And while that is interesting enough to hear, we suspect that you, the mobile geek you are will be more interested in hearing about the Android activation numbers. And incredibly enough, Google is now touting more than 700,000 smartphones begin activated every day. Just to clarify that number, that is new (first time being activated) Android smartphones. Some additional highlights include the following;

  • The Android Market has now served up more than 11 billion downloads.
  • More than 250 million Android devices have been sold and activated.

And lastly, going back to that incredible holiday season number we heard about, it looks like Google has confirmed that they activated 3.7 million Android devices during that two-day holiday weekend.

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