Dolphin Browser for Android adds Evernote and Skitch Add-Ons

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As if its browser application for Android is not already a great alternative to the stock Android browser, the folks at Dolphin browser has just made their app even more useful with the release of two new add-ons. These add-ons are Evernote and Skitch. In case you’re not aware or still not using Dolphin browser Android app, this app unlike other Android browser app features these so called add-ons which extend its capabilities and features. Some of the most-installed add-ons for Dolphin browser include Dolphin Translate, Box, eBay Search,, Read Late and more. And now with Skitch, you’ll be able to annotate and draw on screenshots and images as well as share them with your friends, family, and practically anyone. Annotating and editing screenshots of web pages that you are browsing has an easy learning curve, so all you need to do is install the add-on to your Dolphin Android browser and you’re good to know. The same goes true for the Evernote add-on which lets you store web clippings to your Evernote account as you browser the web using Dolphin browser. Link to the Evernote and Skitch Dolphin Browser add-on are added below after the via link. Go get them, folks!

Via [Dolphin Browser Blog], [Evernote Add-on], [Skitch Add-on]

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