Leaked T-Mobile document reminds us that the iPhone does not work all that nicely on their network

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A recently leaked T-Mobile document is pointing out how an unlocked iPhone may not be the best device to use if you want any amount of decent speed. In fact, they rated the customer experience of the iPhone (on their network) as being “poor.” More specifically, the T-Mobile memo points out that if customers want the “most robust device and network experience” they should get a T-Mobile 4G device. Of course, while interesting to see given the previous ‘support’ from T-Mobile in regards to unlocked iPhones — this is not all that shocking of news. Otherwise, as the memo goes on to read, while an iPhone is capable of 3G speeds, using it unlocked and on the T-Mobile network will only allow for EDGE 2G speeds because the iPhone does not have support for the WCDMA 1700/2100 band.

Via [TmoNews]

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