The high-tech (and rather unique) Volkswagen factory located in Dresden Germany

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While we often talk in terms of mobile tech and related gadgets, we do love a nice car. Especially a Volkswagen. More to the point, the new (and super high tech) Volkswagen factory that is located in Dresden Germany. And before anyone thinks that by watching the above video you are going to see some assembly line stuff — think again. This factory is actually rather neat with goodies to include the building being both a museum as well as a place where new cars (the VW Phaeton) are built. Inside this factory the floors are made of Canadian Maple and all the employees are dressed in white right down to the gloves. But that is only the beginning; this factory has a direct delivery service by way of local cargo tram which shares the tracks with the local transit trams and it has robotic sleds that drive the parts around the factory by using magnets built into the floor. And speaking of the floor, there is no assembly line to speak of, instead the floor itself moves around ever so slowly. But perhaps a bit more interesting, wireless power comes from the floor to power the tools that the workers use. Bottom line here, without describing each and every item in the video we will say this — it comes in at 6 minutes and 43 seconds and we suggest giving it a watch.

Via [YouTube]

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