LG has sold 1 million Optimus LTE phones

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LG Nitro HDAfter launching in October 2011 in South Korea LG has sold over 1 million Optimus LTE smartphones.

Since the launch in October the Optimus LTE has also reached Japan, Canada, and the United States. Americans will better know the phone as the LG Nitro HD on AT&T. Not only was it LG’s first LTE smartphone, but it was also one of the first smartphones with a full 720p HD display. It didn’t come out to spectacular reviews when it arrived on AT&T, mostly because of the Android sin on top of it, and because it came out so close to the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. With 1 million sold worldwide, hopefully LG will be quick in upgrading the phone to Ice Cream Sandwich. Otherwise, there really isn’t much to say about a smartphone reaching 1 million sales, expect that it seems rather slow compared to other high-end smartphones.

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