Amazon now selling Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $99.99

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Amazon Wireless Samsung Galaxy NexusThe first, and so far only, Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, the Samsun Galaxy Nexus is being sold at a pretty steep discount by Amazon Wireless. Amazon is selling the phone for just $99.99 on a two-year contract.

At a price of $99.99, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus shouldn’t even get a second though if you’re looking for an Android smartphone on Verizon. It’s a full $200 less than the brand new RAZR MAXX, which can’t compete with the Galaxy Nexus when it comes to pixel density and user experience. It’s even $100 cheaper than the iPhone 4S, which should be its biggest competitor. Amazon will even throw in free two-day shipping.

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a great smartphone, you can’t do too much better. Otherwise you’ll want to wait for the Nokia Lumia 900 if that does end up coming in at $99.99.

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