TechnologyTell gives you another chance to buy a refurbished HP TouchPad starting at $169.99

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HP TouchPadIf you’re still lamenting the fact that you weren’t able to get a TouchPad during the initial fire sales, you have another shot. Daily deal site has a few refurbished TouchPads to sell.

Woot actually has both the 32GB and 64GB models of the TouchPad. has the 64GB version for $219.99 (plus $5 shipping), while has the 16GB version for $169.99 (plus $5 shipping). It’s still the same TouchPad that HP killed off a few months ago, but now you have the promise of Open WebOS 1.0 in about eight months. The 16GB model is less expensive than the $199 Kindle Fire, but you get a larger screen to go with it, even if there’s a lack fo apps. Woot didn’t sell out of TouchPads last time, but if you want one you should act quickly, just in case.

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