Shortmail now allows you to create an account that is NOT based on your Twitter account

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We have been pretty big fans of Shortmail here at GadgeTell and while the service was one that we would recommend to friends, we often heard a complaint that new accounts had to be based on your existing Twitter username. Personally I like my Twitter username and that would have been my Shortmail account regardless, but can understand either viewpoint. Anyway, that being said, it looks like that is no longer an issue. The folks at Shortmail have recently let us know that you can now create a Shortmail account using any username that you choose. Well, any username that is not already taken. But with the good news in that, there is a small catch — these new non-Twitter connected Shortmail accounts are using the domain as opposed to the domain. Either way though, Shortmail is a very nice setup for someone looking to avoid long emails. And as for this guy, I use it as a public facing email and have it sitting in places such as my Twitter and Google+ profiles making it easy for anyone and everyone to get in touch.

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