Telus is having a sale and you can get select Windows Phone, Android & BlackBerry devices for free (on-contract)

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It looks like Telus is having a weekend sale. Well, technically speaking, they are having a sale and as of this posting there should be about 45 hours remaining to take advantage. With that out of the way, the sale includes only four smartphones however you can get each of those for free on one-year agreements. The handsets are not super new models, but sometimes it is hard to argue with free. Plus, you are only making a one-year commitment so that will most likely take some of the sting out. Anyway, without any further adieu, the handsets include the Windows Phone running HTC Surround 7 and LG Optimus 7, the Android running HTC Desire and the BlackBerry 9800. And lastly, according to the fine print coming from Telus — this offer is only valid for new customers.

Via [Telus] and [MobileSyrup]

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