T-Mobile will soon begin offering “additional support” for customers using unlocked iPhones

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T-Mobile may not officially be offering the iPhone, however that does not seem to stop customers from buying one and then unlocking it for use on the T-Mobile network. And that being said, it looks like T-Mobile is handling the situation rather nicely. Of course, we have heard stories along these lines in the past, however as of January 30th it looks like things will get a tad bit nicer for anyone with an iPhone on the T-Mobile network. Well, nicer if they are looking for support.

The details are coming by way of TmoNews who have recently uncovered a leaked internal memo. According to the details on the memo, “T-Mobile will begin offering additional support to customers using an Apple iPhone” on their network. Further details note that the new support will include things such as “common procedures, information about feature and specifications, and other basic device questions.”

And lastly, as to why this will be happening, nothing specific was given however the memo did make mention that T-Mobile now has more than 1 million iPhones on their network and that this move will benefit the customers because they will only have to make on call.

That said, while it is nice to see this coming from T-Mobile — especially because they do not have to do this — we cannot help but wonder how many iPhone users are actually calling T-Mobile for support. After all, it takes some knowledge to unlock the device in the first place.

Via [TmoNews]

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