Pocket Informant HD, version 2.02.41 now available in the iOS App Store

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As we had expected to happen, Pocket Informant HD version 2 has been released for the iPad. More specifically, the latest version to come available is 2.02.41. In addition, the app measures in as a 20.4MB file download and will require iOS 4.2 or later for use. Pocket Informant HD will set you back $9.99 if you are new to the app. Otherwise, those who have already purchased the app will be able to download this latest version at no extra charge. With that, version 2.02.41 comes with quite a few changes and new features. Not to mention there are a few key points that existing users will need to know when updating. But first, the new features break down as follows;

  • Notes and Contact Views
  • Task Smart Groups
  • Google Task sync
  • Photo and Contact Linking
  • Swipe to Action, and many other major new features
  • Desk Themes

And lastly, for those bits that existing users will need to know about the update — there is something for both Google Calendar users and also WDS users. According to the iOS App Store listing, here is what each needs to be aware of;

You will be required to do a reset sync after this upgrade and this will happen automatically upon the first sync for you.

Please note if you are a WDS user you will need to do a fresh sync with Outlook and our WDS 2.0 client. All data that was ever synced with WDS will upgrade as read-only. You can overwrite that after upgrade by going to Settings->Advanced->Database Management. However only do so if you are not going to sync with WDS again as you will get duplicates otherwise.

Via [iOS App Store]

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