Motorola RAZR Developer Edition smartphone announced

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Motorola has recently posted on their Inside Motorola blog and this one should come as good news for anyone that had been waiting for a version of the RAZR smartphone with an unlocked bootloader. It seems Motorola has announced the RAZR Developer Edition. And better yet, the handset will be available in Europe and will also be available for those in the US. Those in Europe will be able to pre-order the RAZR Developer Edition smartphone by way of the official Motorola Shop effective immediately. Those in the US will have to wait a bit, according to the Motorola posting, the handset should hit the US sometime in the “coming months.” Otherwise, the Motorola RAZR Developer Edition will “have all the same great features as the Motorola RAZR: an impossibly thin design, hyper-vibrant Super AMOLED Advanced display, KEVLAR fiber and more.”

Via [Motorola Blog] and [Droid-Life]

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