T-Mobile UK announces the Full Monty plan; will include unlimited calling, messaging and data

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It looks like those in the UK market will soon have another unlimited option available when it comes to mobile calling/data plans. The latest is coming from T-Mobile UK and has been dubbed the “Full Monty.” This plan will include unlimited calling, messaging and data and will be available beginning on February 1st. According to the details coming from the announcement, here is how the Full Monty is being described;

“Customers signing up to The Full Monty 24 month plan will not only have the reassurance that there are no caps on their calls, texts and internet, they will also have access to unlimited WiFi, and can use their mobile internet for whatever they like – including tethering (using a smartphone as an internet connection for a laptop or tablet), streaming and downloading.”

Otherwise, those looking to pick up a Full Monty plan along with a new smartphone will have these following offers to consider;

  • iPhone 4S 16GB (£99 upfront fee)
  • iPhone 4 8GB (free)
  • Samsung Galaxy SII (free)
  • HTC Sensation XE (free)
  • iPhone 4S 16GB (£29 upfront fee)
  • BlackBerry 99003 (free)
  • iPhone 4S 16GB (free)
  • iPhone 4S 32Gb (free)
  • iPhone 4S 64GB (£29 upfront fee)

Via [T-Mobile UK]

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