Nokia Lumia 800 will launch in Australia across three carriers starting in March

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Microsoft and Nokia are making a push to get the Nokia Lumia 800 available in as many markets as possible.  Today, Nokia announced that its Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.5 is going to launch in Australia sometime in March.  Instead of being available on one exclusive carrier, the Lumia 800 will be available on three different carriers providing interested consumers the ability to purchase the smartphone on their preferred carrier.

Before getting into the key features of the Lumia 800, you will be able to pick it up from Optus, Telstra, or Vodaphone sometime in March at an undisclosed price.  I imagine each carrier will independently reveal prices for the Lumia 800 and hopefully you can find a price and a carrier that suits your needs.

In terms of specs and features, the Lumia 800 boasts a 8MP rear facing camera, 3.7 inch touch screen display, WP7.5, a 1.4GHz processor, and 16GB of onboard memory.  Lastly, it will be available in three different colors including black, blue, and pink.

Via [Nokia]

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