Timeline Movie Maker makes your memories look like a fancy commercial

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Now here’s a neat little thing you can do with your newly created Facebook Timeline. Facebook and Definition6 have worked together to create an app called Timeline Movie Maker. It does exactly what the title suggests. Once you grant the app access, it will comb through your Timeline and create a unique video that highlights some aspects of your Timeline such as photos, check-ins and different locations in which you lived. In a way, the final product sort of looks like an Apple commercial.

Once you’ve checked out your video, you’re able to replace the photographs that were automatically edited in. You can also choose from a few musical selections that best fits your Timeline video. The music invokes moods such as nostalgia, playfulness and romance.

One of the only downsides to Timeline Movie Maker is you can’t save or share your individual movie. The only thing you can do is share the link to the website on Facebook. I hope this changes because I would really like to keep a copy for myself.

Via [Timeline Movie Maker]

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