MetroPCS no longer offering the $40 unlimited LTE calling/data plan

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It looks like MetroPCS has quietly made some changes in terms of their LTE calling/data plans. And by quietly, we mean that the change seems to have actually taken place a little while back (when the Samsung Craft was released) and things went unnoticed. Well, unnoticed until an eagle eye from Fierce Wireless made the discovery. Anyway, the changes mean that the $40 unlimited LTE plan is no longer available. That plan used to offer unlimited voice, texting and mobile web (with unlimited YouTube access). In terms of what is now available, a $50 per month plan (which is the minimum required for all MetroPCS LTE devices) that includes unlimited voice, texting, web, email and 1GB of multimedia streaming. Additionally, for those looking for an LTE plan with something extra, MetroPCS also offers the $60 per month plan which includes all the same goodies as the $50 per month plan with the addition of a Rhapsody music (or MetroStudio video service) account.

Via [Fierce Wireless]

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