Lenovo announces Ice Cream Sandwich update in Q2 for the Thinkpad tablet

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The Lenovo Thinkpad was originally announced in July of 2011 and launched in August 2011, making it a pretty old Android tablet given the fast pace of product launches.  Fortunately for early Thinkpad tablet adopters, Lenovo has recently announced that an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the enterprise targeted tablet is in order.

Sometime in Q2, the Thinkpad tablet will receive an upgrade for ICS OTA and it represents numerous improvements over Android Honeycomb.  Unfortunately, the Lenovo Thinkpad will not be able to use Android Beam with the ICS update since it does not contain an NFC chip, but that is the only real downside of the ICS update.

Again, we will probably find out an official upgrade date for the Thinkpad as we approach Q2, but it’s nice to see Lenovo confirm that the update is, indeed, coming for its faithful owners.

Via [PCWorld]

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