T-Mobile will start capping domestic data roaming on April 5

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T-Mobile Domestic Data Roaming capsT-Mobile users will begin to see data caps on their data roaming starting this April. On April 5 there will be a separate cap for using data while roaming.

Instead of T-Mobile typical speed reduction when you go over a data cap, the data roaming caps will just cut you off. Once you reach the cap you won’t be able to use data again until you get back onto T-Mobile’s network, or you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

T-Mobile will let customers know via inserts in their bill, email, and SMS before it goes into effect on April 5. When the caps come into effect users will also receive notices via SMS when they get to 80 percent of the data roaming cap. The next SMS message about it will be when the cap has run out.

T-Mobile expects the new caps to only effect a small number of subscribers. Still, if you’re worried, you might want to check T-Mobile’s coverage map to make sure you don’t spend too much time in a data roaming area. If you do, you’ll have to monitor your data usage if you don’t want to switch to another carrier.

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