Burn Note allows you to send self-destructing emails, should be nice for the ultra-paranoid or those needing to send an email with sensitive information

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If you are in need of sending some personal information by email and are afraid of the fact that your message will end up living in some email database — you may want to check out a newly launched service that promises to make sure the message never gets read again. That being the case you may want to look to a newly launched service called Burn Note. And while these messages will not technically self-destruct, that is sort of how it will go. You see, you create and send the message similar to how you would any other. Except with Burn Note you also have a few other options to set including whether or not the Note can be copied and how long (in seconds) until the Note goes away after it is opened. Yup, you can actually do the whole “this message will self-destruct in 30 seconds” bit. But on a more serious note, this would be nice when you need to send a message (say, with a password) to a friend or family member. Otherwise, you can use Burn Note as a registered or anonymous user, you can set a password required to view and perhaps most important — all Burn Note messages are deleted after 72 hours if they go unread. That being said, there are some additional technical details in terms of how the messages are actually stored which break down as follows;

“All Burn Notes are stored encrypted on our servers using secure encryption algorithms and unique-per-message salts. Salts are extra encryption keys that are added to the server’s encryption key. If the sender sets a password for the Burn Note then the password is used as the encryption key for increased security. Passwords are never stored on our servers. Burn Notes are only decrypted once when they are viewed and then they are immediately deleted.”

Via [Burn Note] and [All Things D]

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