Study Shows that Toilet Texting is on the Rise

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A new study shows that 75% of Americans admit to using their smartphones while on the toilet. 11Mark surveyed 1,000 Americans online to see what their cell phone habits were while using the can. As it turns out, toilet texting wound up being fairly common amongst the 28 to 35- year-old demographic at a bold 91%.

It gets worse. Some folks are using the bathroom setting to conduct work related business. One in five men admitted to calling into business meetings from the bathroom while 13% of women claimed to have done the same. In comparison, men and women are fairly close when it comes to general cellphone bathroom usage at 74% and 76% respectively.

Since when have bathrooms become such a suitable environment for productivity? It goes without question that western society is enamored with cell phones. You can see this plague running amok in restaurants, bars, and other social events with 20 somethings passing on conversation to tweet or post a Facebook status update. Disgusting, really.

What are your thoughts on texting in the bathroom? Are you keen on the idea, or do you still stick to good old-fashioned newspapers and books? Let us know your thoughts.

Via [HuffingtonPost] and [11Mark]

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