Twitter starts rolling out more enhanced brand profiles

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Twitter enhanced brand pagesBack in December when Twitter launched its latest redesign it also unveiled enhanced profile pages for brands. At the time the enhanced pages were only up for three brands, but now Twitter has started rolling out more of them.

Today brands such a NPR, Volkswagen, Al Jazeera, the Huffington Post, and NBC News, along with others, have their very own enhanced profiles on Twitter. They join Coca-Cola, the American Red Cross, and American Express which were among the handful of launch partners. The enhanced pages really don’t offer too much of a difference. The brands get an extra banner below the top portion of the profile to use as an ad or just to make it clear which profile you’re on. The top tweet for the brands is a Promoted Tweet that has media automatically shown, so NPR’s page currently shows a Promoted Tweet with a pictures of two hosts as Lego creations.

The enhanced pages look pretty nice, and fit well with the new design. Twitter plans to roll out more such pages in the next few weeks and months. It’s a nice way to make money for the social network, and a lot of hardcore users probably won’t end up seeing them anyway. Honestly, I had forgotten all about the enhanced pages because I use Tweetbot and Twitter for Mac to check Twitter, and I rarely, if ever, use the website.

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