Verizon Wireless rumors suggest an upcoming BOGO sale on RAZR smartphones, a double data promotion and more

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While we have yet to hear any of this direct from Verizon Wireless, it is looking like February 10th is going to be a big day for Big Red. Of course we have seen the previous rumors suggesting that Verizon was going to release the Motorola Droid 4 on that day, however the latest are suggesting that February 10th will also bring deals on the Motorola RAZR, 4G LTE tablets and data plan packages.

So far what we have seen has come by the way of the BGR tech blog who report rather simply that Verizon is “planning on introducing a number of promotions starting February 10th.” In terms of what to expect on the RAZR, it looks like that handset will go BOGO (buy one get one) and the offer will include the regular RAZR as well as the RAZR MAXX.

Moving past the BOGO handset offering and over to those data plan package deals. This one is said to be coming as a double data offering. And just as the name would imply, this means you buy a set amount of data and actually get to use double that each and every month — you can pay $30 and get 4GB of data.

And lastly, it is also rumored that Verizon will be discounting all of their available 4G LTE tablets (with a catch). According to the details on this, if you purchase a tablet and a smartphone (both on two-year agreements) you will get a $100 discount towards the price of the tablet.

Via [BGR]

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