Google finally brings Chrome beta to Android

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Google Chrome for Android betaGoogle has finally decided to bring Chrome to Android, as long as you have an Ice Cream Sandwich device.

Google for Android beta is here, more specifically it’s in the Android Market. Just like the desktop version of the web browser, Chrome for Android is built for speed and simplicity (though it is arguable that the desktop version is still either of those things). The omnibox is still there at the top, letting you direct the browser to websites or search with the same box. Your tabs and bookmarks are still there, as well. Chrome for Android will open the same tabs you have open on your desktop browser, and the syncing feature means your bookmarks will be there as well.

The browser looks a lot nicer than the default browser on Android, and should hopefully be nicer to use. The only downside to the new browser is that it’s only for Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones and tablets, so a vast majority of Android users can’t use it just yet. Hopefully that will change soon, either by more phones getting upgraded to Android 4.0, or by Google making the browser compatible with previous versions. I’d expect the former scenario to be the more likely one.

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