Norton releases Safety Minder Android app to protect your children from mobile crooks

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Norton continues to provide us with security apps not only for desktop solutions but moreso now for mobile phone users. The latest of these security apps happens to be the Norton Safety Minder, an Android app that lets parents monitor their children’s smartphone usage. With this, parents will be able to protect their children from the scalawags of the mobile world. The app lets you view your children’s mobile phone browsing history so that you can determine if they have been frequenting mobile site that will pose a threat to their safety. Additionally, the app also monitors who your children are texting as well as what they are searching on their smartphone’s mobile web browser.  The app also blocks access to websites as well as SMS and MMS to individual contacts which you deemed undesirable for your children to communicate with.  The Norton Safety Minder app is available now from the Android Market. It’s a free download and also has a paid version with more security features. If you think that the free version doesn’t offer enough security for your child and you don’t want to spend on an Android app, I think the better solution is not to give your child a smartphone.

Via [Phandroid],  [Android Market]

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