Motorola will be updating the MOTOACTV on March 7th, begins to tease the details

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Whether you happen to already be using one of the Motorola MOTOACTV fitness watches or have been holding out on a purchase in the hopes of additional features — you may want to mark March 7th on your calendar. Coming from the folks over on the official Inside Motorola blog, they have begun teasing of a new software update for the MOTOACTV and that update is set to roll-out on a global basis beginning on March 7th. In terms of what will be changed and/or added, so far we have what is being described as a “sneak peak” which leads us to believe more goodies will be announced over the next month. But in the meantime, we do know that a few new features are coming. So far the following goodies have been mentioned;

  • track your performance across over 40 new activities including yoga, Pilates, dancing and martial arts—and monitor your data online.
  • activate your display with a flick of the wrist, set up Wi-Fi directly on your device, and host your own competitions at the MOTOACTV Training Portal.

Via [Motorola Blog]

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