Vonage rolls outs new mobile app for free calls and text with worldwide coverage

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It looks like Skype got a new tough rival in Vonage, as the company just launched its new mobile app for Android and iPhone. The Vonage mobile app, like Skype allows you to make free high-definition calls and send free texts to all users of the app – worlwide. The app works on Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G wireless data networks. What say you Skype?

The Vonage mobile app works even for calling users who have not downloaded the app yet. If this is the case, Vonage gives low-cost international calling with per-minute rates which is said to be on average 70 percent less than what is being charged by major mobile carriers and 30 percent less than Skype’s rates. Additionally, you can add calling credit directly from the mobile app via iTunes or Android Market. Adding credits is via increments of $4.99 and $9.99.

The app utilizes your phone’s exiting mobile number and contact list. Hence, it eliminates the need for unique user names and duplicated identities for contacts. You can also instantly create a free global and texting network using the mobile app’s multi-invite system.
Finally, if you’re in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, calls from your friends anywhere in the world will be free for a limited time.

Now here’s the best part, the app doesn’t require you to be a Vonage customer to use it. But it would be to your advantage if you are calling a Vonage home or business numbers since it will be free.

The Vonage mobile app is available now as free downloads from the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

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